Contract Policy


SASIE are dedicated to ensuring Customers are kept fully informed every step of the way when having a renewable energy system installed.


Each change to detail and each alteration to schedule is communicated to the Customer so that at all times they are aware of all details surrounding the work to their property.

Customers receive a Sales Order (Contract) from Sasie to sign once they have confirmed that they are willing to proceed with a quote or estimate. This sales order is produced via the accountancy package Quickbooks.

Alternatively Customers may choose to send a deposit or a Purchase Order to the company in place of the signing of the Sales Order (this is particularly relevant to commercial clients). Each payment or Purchase Order is recorded in Quickbooks against the Customer’s name and job reference.

Copies of all contracts and associated documents are kept in the customer’s electronic file, or in the customer centre of Quickbooks.

An index of contracts is recorded in the Quickbooks customer centre and is clearly visible as a separate document.

SASIE Ltd retains copies of all documentation for a minimum of seven years prior to disposal of the documents.

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