Environmental Policy

SASIE Ltd is an SME based within serviced offices provided by Central College at Highfields Technology Centre, Science Park, Nottingham.

As renewable energy installers, developers and trainers, we are committed to embedding continuous environmental improvement into our business plan and ethos. We recognise the importance that environmental best performance has to our customers, suppliers, staff and partners, and as such SASIE tries to integrate the principles of sustainability into all business activities with the view to achieve ISO 14001 status by summer 2015.

SASIE is committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation as a minimum
  • Continuing the development of new renewable products and services
  • Promoting the deployment of renewable technologies
  • Encouraging staff to use public transport or carbon free transport wherever possible
  • Allowing staff to work from home if they are not needed at the office
  • Switching off lights, computers, devices etc when not in use
  • Eliminating the use of disposable plates, cups etc
  • Ensuring recycling facilities are fully utilised and adhered to
  • Reducing paper waste by using scrap paper and double sided printing where possible
  • Recycling all waste materials where possible, particularly on site
  • Reusing materials for jobs where possible
  • Regular servicing of company vehicles to reduce fuel consumption
  • Encouraging and training staff in efficient driving techniques
  • Minimising noise pollution from activities where possible

In future, SASIE intends to:

  • Construct our own carbon neutral offices
  • Investigate an alternative to conventional company vehicles (hybrid, electric or bio diesel)
  • Reduce water consumption through measures such as tap aerators
Download a printable PDF of this policy

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