Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.


At SASIE, we believe that who dares wins. We work at the cutting edge of the renewables industry, investing in research and our future. We invest in young people as they are our future. We work on crazy ideas because sometimes they offer the very best outcomes.

These are just a few of our awards and grants and we’re grateful to those who have supported us along the way:


  • Renewable Energy Consumer Code – Sasie is a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code for the supply of renewable micro heat and power generators to domestic consumers. members agree to abide by the Consumer Code its Bye-laws and may use its symbol. 01/01/17


  • Gas Safe Register – Sasie is approved by the relevant health and safety enforcement agency and deemed a member of a Class of Persons. This means we can fit gas in accordance with current gas safety legislation in force – 21/09/16


  • NAPIT Certificate of Approval  – Sasie is NAPIT approved for electrical instillation work in dwellings, approved to undertake design, construction, maintenance, verification and inspecting -16/03/15


  • Approval for Green Deal Advice Organisation- We are also authorized to practice as a green Deal adviser Organisation for Domestic Services and comply with requirements defined in the ‘Specification for Organisation providing Green deal Advice Services’. 23/06/15


  • British Renewable Energy Skills Development for Sasie Training 2015


  • The Green Deal & Eco Guarantee Company – We now have a facility in place to issue insurance backed guarantee for their installations. 11/12/15


  • Winner of a Green Apple Award 2014


  • Chamber Business Awards Nottinghamshire 2014- Entrepreneur of the Year, winner Mo Kelly


  • Chamber Awards 2014 Regional winner – The Sustainability Awards


  • Chamber Awards 2014 Finalist – The Sustainability Awards


  • Microgeneration Installer Scheme Approval – We have successfully been assessed against requirements of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Installation Standard and technology standards indicated by the scope of approval. Sasie is approved to undertake the supply, design, installation, set work and commissioning 28/03/13


  • Chartered Institute of Building Award – SASIE won the ‘Committed to Construction in the East Midlands Award 2012’ for Renewable Technologies


  • Support through the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) from the Technology Strategy Board  – This grant enabled us to develop guidance material for those developing homes intended to be lived in from cradle to grave. SASIE feels it is important to develop modern technology to create the very best possible environment to live in. Our mobile phones are far more sophisticated than our houses, yet within the four walls of our homes are those we care about the most.


  • Support through the SmartNet programme, Technology Strategy Board – We developed our smart controller by installing an integrated management system at five large homes with multiple renewable energy systems. We developed the code and installed the devices to monitor and manage the various technologies. We can control the systems remotely and monitor how they perform on a mobile device or PC. The data provided an amazing insight into the minute by minute operation of heating systems and has saved significant amounts of money by slashing fuel costs for our clients.
  • Partners = Loughborough University with assistance from Gannet Solutions We have just one a further three awards, two help us in constructing our demonstrator, offsite modular Passiv Haus (the LIME House) and a third will see us building a demonstrator for our DewTherm product, which links Sustainable Urban Drainage with rainwater harvesting together with heat storage for a heat pump (which we aim to build to our own design). More details to follow very soon…


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