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Simplifying Solid Wall Insulation in Northern Ireland

SASIE joined a host of product suppliers and installers at a collaborative workshop in Antrim this week. The Building Research Establishment, working with key partners, is managing a project with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to find ways to install solid wall insulation more efficiently. The aim is to introduce lean manufacturing techniques, practised for many years in the auto industry, to the construction sector. The S-IMPLER project will initially develop a process, tools, techniques and products for insulating seven exemplar homes in Northern Ireland.back of sasie jacket

Potential suppliers and installers were invited to apply to join the project. SASIE was selected to move to the next round and contributed to the workshop, helping to identify current issues and ways to solve the problems. Through our LIME House project, we are building our first demonstrator house, which will be designed with Code Level 6 / Passiv Haus requirements in mind for completion this year. The construction will feature a novel method of offsite manufactured paneling, which may also be of relevance for solid wall insulation. Our integrated renewable energy system, MonoEnergy, and hybrid heat pump together with SASIE’s expertise in training for SWI, are also of potential relevance for the project.

Detailed product development and site working for S-IMPLER is expected to start in August, 2014. The project aims to reduce energy consumption in the test homes by 60% at a similar cost to a retrofit meeting current building regulations. Savings will be made through greater efficiencies before, during and after installation. SASIE is excited to be involved at these early stages of the project and hopes to continue collaboration with the BRE and partner organisations.