Low-cost, low-carbon homes

from cradle to grave

SASIE is building a house – not just any old house. Our latest project ‘Living In a Modular Environment’, or LIME, House will see a brand new concept in living. We are planning to construct a 3-bedroom house in Bulwell, Nottingham to Passiv Haus standards, which means it will be well sealed and ventilated and have excellent insulation. We’re also aiming to achieve Code Level 6, such that the house generates all the energy needed for the building and the people in it.

Following a programme, funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s Assisted Living Innovation Platform, SASIE worked alongside partners, Microsoft, CISCo, Age UK and Willmott Dixon to create guidelines now on the RIBA website.Now these features will be incorporated in the LIME House. Energy use tells you a great deal about people. SASIE’s smart controller will identify if vulnerable people need help. We’re event looking to link the house to remote care systems, so you need never struggle to the GP’s surgery.

Of course, LIME House will incorporate SASIE’s MonoEnergy system, with a heat pump (of our own manufacture), roof-integrated solar PV/thermal panels, all linked to a ground loop for storage.

We’ve teamed up with Nottingham’s SYM Wall, who are making a very novel skin for wall, floor and roof panels. We’re planning to fill these with a highly insulating material. In fact, the LIME House will be made offsite in modules, ready to lift into place and with integrated building services. We’re hoping to finish LIME House later in 2014 and when complete, it will be available for education and community visits. That’s not all  because we’re also refurbishing next door, aiming for the Passiv Haus retrofit standard, EnerPHit.


  • Passive House certified

  • LIME House front elevation

  • LimeHouse rear

  • EnerPhit certified