making best use of every scrap of energy

Whether rain or shine, there’s always plenty of energy around. The trick is making best use of it. SASIE has always believed in using the various renewable energy systems in harmony – whether heat from the air, ground or sunshine – together with clever controls and smart storage. That in essence is SASIE’s patent applied for MonoEnergy system.

MonoEnergy systems use solar panels which generate both heat and electricity, together with a hybrid heat pump that can use a refrigeration circuit to grab heat from the air, from the solar hot water or from heat out of the ground. The benefit is that during the summer months, excess heat can be directed into the ground for storage. In the winter, the heat pump supplies warmth at much better levels of efficiency. In fact, our systems can use heat from surface or underground water  or waste heat from factories or the hot air that collects behind the solar panels – virtually every scrap of energy can be used.

An important part of the MonoEnergy system is the storage tank. Stored water sites in layers with higher temperatures at the top and colder water at the bottom. It makes sense to extract water for heating and to bring heat into the tank at right level. Further, we often use tanks with a waxy substance at the top, which turns to a liquid when the tank is heated up. Using a ‘phase change’ material allows us to pack far more heat storage into the same space – up to 15% more!

The clever controller tells the system which energy source to use – the solar thermal on a sunny day, the ground source on a cold dull day – and when to use or store the energy. We developed the MonoEnergy system as part of the Technology Strategy Board’s SmartNet programme, along with partners. We’ve five systems around the UK (one in Italy) which are all busy making the most of the energy around us and feeding back useful information, on our laptops and mobiles.

For more information about SASIE’s MonoEnergy systems, tke a look on our dedicated page or download our brochure.



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