SASIE in control

SmartNet project completes

SASIE’s passion is integrated renewable energy systems, linked to sophisticated storage and a smart controller to management the package. The Technology Strategy Board obviously liked the idea too as they provided grant funding to SASIE, in partnership with Loughborough University and supported by Simon Fanshawe at Gannet Solutions. The SmartNet project saw the development of a control system which pulled together a whole array of sustainable energy systems, allowing remote system management and monitoring.

  • In real time, you can see, on a mobile device or PC, the system status, showing whether motors are running, valves are open or closed and, most importantly for us, the temperatures all around the system. For example, we can see that even on a cold but sunny winter’s day, the temperature on the surface of the solar collector can reach 60 degrees C or more, even when the air temperature is barely above freezing. being able to see quickly the heating system in the building side responds to changes has also been a real eye-opener.

  • SmartNet system picture

The SmartNet completed last October and SASIE was represented in London at the TSB ‘Show and Tell’ event to round off the programme. The SASIE systems have been installed in five UK homes (one in Italy), with some very fancy heating systems, including integrated boilers and heat pumps, along with swimming pools. The next step is for SASIE to bring the controller into production and offer the benefit of remote and reliable controls to benefit not only domestic heating systems but for whole communities as well.