Solid Wall Insulation – things are hotting up!


    Around 40% of the heat in UK homes escapes through the walls if not properly insulated. For several years, we’ve seen more modern houses being insulated by filling the cavity between the brick or concrete skins. By April last year, 9.7 million homes had been improved by some form of insulation. Last year saw a switch over in the way that the energy companies were required to fund improvements, with the introduction of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grants. The Government set targets for different ways of spending the ECO funding and money was directed towards homes with solid walls, requiring either internal or external wall insulation. Around 150,000 homes were expected to benefit and by the end of the year, nearly 80,000 homes had received insulation.


    However…the goalpost have moved. ECO is now expected to target just 100,000 homes in total, over the next four years. This means that there is something of a frenzy to benefit right now and if you live in a house with solid walls and want to cut your bills, you’d better move fast. The ECO requirements change in April.


    email us or pick up the phone. SASIE is an accredited Green Deal Assessment Organisation 10. Depending on the size of your house and your situation, you may need to contribute towards the cost, with ECO offering a significant discount.


    Don’t delay! We’re offering a free assessment (normally £100) to the first 50 people who call in. The benefit of solid wall insulation is immediate – cosy warmth and lower costs. What better way of staying happy in the middle of winter! For more information and to give us some details about you and your home, go to our webpage on Energy Efficiency.


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