Pipe Systems

  • IVT: One pipe, one tool – for heating and drinking water

    Have you ever set a new record? Cut pipe to length, expand it, insert on fitting, tighten sleeve, finished! This is how fast a load-bearing connection between PRINETO PE-X pipes for universal use can be made. You save trimming, checking the rubber seal as well as marking the insertion depth – and all in all a great deal of time and nerves. It’s no wonder, then, that the patented PRINETO sliding sleeve joint has been very well received by our experts and is already guaranteeing millions of leak-proof connections in permanent service.

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  • Flooring and walls as sources of heat – Surface heating

    Walking barefoot over a pleasantly warm stone floor or leaning on a lovely warm tiled wall in the bathroom … These are the moments you will not want to be without again once you have surface heating installed. The large surface and thus even thermal radiation has an enormous influence on the feeling of well-being in a room. Yet that’s not enough. With underfloor heating, you are providing cosy heat in an extremely effective and economic way. That eases the strain on both the wallet and the environment. Another advantage: the bulky wall-mounted radiators are no longer required; doing away with them leaves you with more space in the room.

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  • Technical perfection and a clean appearance – Radiator connection

    Radiator connections not only have to be technically perfect, they have to look good, too. For this reason, we nickel-plate all visible parts and recommend our PRINETO Nanoflex pipes. Thanks to their stainless steel finish, they are just perfect for a continuous connection from the boiler directly to the radiator. For renovating old houses, make the most of our practical skirting board system; for new installation choose from our wide range of special fittings.

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Hygienically clean, fresh water – Drinking water installation

There are decisions that you ideally only make once in a lifetime. This applies when you rely on the flexible or dimensionally stable PRINETO pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene for your drinking water or heating installation. Our PE-X pipes are thermally relaxed, preventing tension corrosion, and are significantly more resistant to the pressures and temperatures which occur than non-cross-linked materials. This guarantees you decades of hygienic drinking water and peaceful, care-free nights.

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