Sliding sleeve joint – quick and easy

Click here to see how our patented sliding sleeve joint works.

In the PRINETO range you will find the right pipe for every area of application, always perfectly matched to your installation requirements and, of course, conform with all the legal conditions or applicable standards. The great thing is: If low stock levels are important to you, you cover all possible areas of application, no matter whether for drinking water installation, radiator connections, surface heating systems or compressed air, with the PRINETO Stabil pipes or the flexible PRINETO Nanoflex pipes.

Our experts will be happy to help you plan and update your stocks. We also provide initial stocks on a consignment basis for new customers. This means that you receive material stocks according to your requirements but only have to pay for the items you actually use. And if a fitting or a pipe should happen to be missing despite the sophisticated stock management system, simply order the article via phone and it will arrive soon.

Read more about the different areas of application for the PRINETO system:

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