Underfloor Heating

  • Underfloor heating by IVT

    Two factors play an important role when planning surface heating: the possible structural height and the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling. Both of these can be an elimination criterion for underfloor heating. The solution is the lightweight PRINETO thin-bed underfloor heating which you can easily integrate in existing buildings thanks to its design height of only 22 mm.

    New in our surface heating system are self-cross-linking PE-MD pipes. Self-cross-linking? Yes. The polythene pipes are extremely flexible and thus nice to lay, cross-link the first time they are used thanks to the hot heating water and then correspond to a PE-MD-X pipe in terms of material strength properties. This means that you enjoy the advantages of a non-cross-linked i.e. easier to lay pipe during installation and benefit from the temperature and pressure resistance of a linked material during permanent operation!

    Our universal pipes, the PRINETO Stabil pipe and the PRINETO Nanoflex pipe are also suitable for your surface heating, of course. Grey PRINETO surface heating pipes are available from a diameter of only 10 mm, for connection to the heating circuit we offer e.g. releasable clamping screw-type connections or our particularly secure V-Euro threaded connection with patented fastening technology. See our technical documentation for more information.

  • Overview of the different PRINETO systems:

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