All-Year Solar System

  • LATENTO Solar systems

    In 2006, the LATENTO XXL was the first solar storage tank to be awarded the “Blue Angel” badge of environmental excellence on account of its energy efficiency. This high level of efficiency is made possible through the thermal stratificationof the stored water as well as by using an “insulating material sandwich” (PP/PUR/PP) rather than steel for the tank wall. The compact size also contributes to the increase in efficiency, since the storage tank is quickly charged even in poor sunlight, guaranteeing the availability of hot water whatever the weather!

    The name “LATENTO” comes from the layer of latent material about 10 cm thick which floats on the stored water and absorbs thermal energy when solar yield is high, this energy then gets released into the system when the temperature in the tank drops, for even more energy efficiency.


    It’s not panel size or storage volume which is essential to a good solar heating system, it’s the efficiency of its components.

    The sophisticated LATENTO solar system demonstrates its strengths during the transitional months and in winter, when traditional solar energy is usually not used at all. This system delivers solar yield even in frosty weather and on days with very little sunshine, thanks to its outstanding thermal insulation and solar collection, making it a truly “all-year” system.

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  • LATENTO Vacuum tube collector CPC

    The selectively coated aluminium-nitrite absorber surface inside the vacuum tubes is the heart of the LATENTO solar collector. It converts incidental sunlight to heat and delivers this to the thermal circuit. The partial coating in conjunction with highly reflective CPC mirrors behind the tubes guarantees optimum direction of the sunlight to the absorber even in low-light conditions, and prevents undesirable reflection. The vacuum in the glass tubes ensures that very little heat gets radiated away, thus increasing the efficiency of the collectors even in cold temperatures.

    All these characteristics and functions make the CPC vacuum tube collectors about 5x more efficient than flat collectors on an average winter day.


The solar stratified storage tank XXL is available in two sizes, as XXL 300 for smaller households with little space and as XXL 500 for larger households or two-family houses. Where more hot water is required (e.g. in schools or hotels), you can use several storage tanks in series. Lastly, for longer periods of bad weather, an optional electric heating rod or other connected heater ensures hot water is always available.

The integration between the LATENTO stratified storage tank and the LATENTO vacuum tube collector guarantees high solar yield and minimum heat loss all year round and makes the LATENTO solar system one of the most sustainable and attractive alternatives to fossil fuels on the market today.

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