SASIE’s Mission

Integrated systems

SASIE believes in making best use of sustainable energy by linking sources of heat and power into integrated systems.   We believe in user-friendly interfaces, smart controllers that watch and adjust our energy systems and we believe  in careful storage of energy to minmise waste.

Communities take control

At SASIE, we want to see communities take control of their energy use and we aim to help groups of householders and businesses to improve their buildings and to generate their own clean energy. We are leading a revolution to use low-temperature heat for district networks.

Training and giving people a chance in life

High quality training is our passion. We are dedicated to helping everyone, young and old, access opportunities to learn about energy and to share our enthusiasm for sustainability. We want to enthuse young people to be entrpreneurs in the low carbon sector.

Locally manufactured parts

We want to see renewable energy systems manufactured in the UK and we will continue to strive to design and manufacture as many components as we can here at SASIE.

Assisted and lifelong living

We believe that people should be able to live in their homes from cradle to grave. Our mission is to build low carbon houses efficient in the way we build and energy efficient in use. We want our systems to provide help and support to vulnerable people through assisted living packages.

Good quality buildings

SASIE believes that buildings should be constructed with care, that existing buildings should be improved. Passiv Haus principles are important.

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