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Renewable Training Products

At SASIE we’re firm believers in “hands-on” learning. We provide a range of high-end energy units that are designed specifically to help train future renewable energy engineers and installers. We use these units to train our own apprentices and we believe that our training programmes are what make us second to none in the renewable energy installation industry. To find out more about our training programmes and how to get involved, check out our SASIE training page.

Here are some of the benefits of our renewable training range:

  1. Learning efficiency is greatly increased when practical application is taught side-by-side to classroom theory
  2. Allows for “on-the-job” training, without the pressure of the tight deadlines and financial risk of instructing students on an active site
  3. Modular units combine with SASIE’s “integrated systems” philosophy and allow students to learn how different renewable systems work in tandem
  4. Simply demonstrates complicated systems, cutting out all unnecessary complexity to aid understanding
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