• Generator Bike

    The highly popular generator bike is the ideal way to learn about energy use.

    The bike allows students to experience at first hand the energy required to drive a range of common home appliances, in a fun and practical way. Various devices can be switched on, drawing an electrical supply from pedal power.

    Lighting the energy-saving lamp is easy but switch on the conventional filament bulb and the difference is immediately obvious. The ultimate challenge is to boil the kettle. Up to four devices can be operated simultaneously from the 12V output sockets available.

    The bike is supplied with a filament lamp, an energy saving lamp, a radio and a kettle with temperature probe.

    “We have been thrilled with our generator bike! It’s terrific fun to watch students try to boil the kettle!”

    Support material is included, offering suggested experiments in a comprehensive manual. The package allows students to learn about energy consumption and leads into exploration of energy saving in the home. The generator is always a hit with children and adults alike – often the focal point of any open days and events, particularly when combined with the model railway, fountain or disco station attachments!

    Prices start from £2,000 +VAT, fill out the form below to find out more

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