Christiani Integrated Renewable Training System

Renewable Energy Training Rigs Full

“The most comprehensive renewable energy training equipment. Period.”

These training stands are really a cut above the rest, developed to give an optimal understanding for heat pump technology and solar heat. With all the parts of the system laid out in a clear and concise order, these rigs give an exemplary demonstration of how heat pumps operate and how they link to other technologies.

  • The rigs show extensive simulations of multiple real world situations, given different combinations of the training stands. Surrounding air or geothermal energy can be used as a heat source, and fan, or radiator/floor heating used as a heat sink. The accompanying manual details numerous experiments, simulations and demonstrations, giving students the opportunity to take measurements with original industry components. Background information is also supplied to teach the principles and fundamentals behind the kit.

    Here at SASIE, we use the rigs to provide a comprehensive, Level 3 qualification in Renewable Energy Systems.

    Our training course allows students to configure different systems involving independent or integrated technologies (solar PV, thermal and heat pumps) and to commission and fault-find in a highly practical setting. Installers can learn from mistakes on real systems, without upsetting the customer!

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