• Solar Laboratory

    The solar power laboratory supports learning about both on and off grid systems through application of common technologies.

    The concept of the solar power laboratory has been developed by Europe’s leading renewable energy specialists and the engineered package by solar panel installers. The practical elements are supported by comprehensive learning materials and well designed experiments. The package is designed to introduce the main elements of a solar photovoltaic installation with facility to optimise the systems.

    Working with the individual modules, students gain a clear insight into the circuits commonly used. The modules are made of robust, shatterproof materials and have replaceable panels on the front,
    back and sides. With transparent sections built into the modules, the technologies are more visible and meaningful to students. The comprehensive guide and realistic components provide a well-rounded package for teachers and students alike.

    Prices start from £9,000 +VAT, fill out the form below to find out more

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