• Solar Suitcase Training Kit

    The fast and simple way to understand photovoltaics

    The experiments make it possible through application and experience-oriented learning to understand the relationship between the sun as the source of energy and the conversion and subsequent use of this on the basis of photovoltaics.

    The way the solar power case has been designed as a modular system is a straightforward and entertaining introduction to electrical and solar engineering. Topping up a battery using the charging regulator, the installation of a motion sensor as well as the initial measurements of voltage and current build confidence with solar PV systems,  besides building simple electrical circuits.

    The solar power case can be used by the teacher to present the theoretical and practical sides of the technology and also by students, individually and in groups, to learn the basics of photovoltaic applications independently.

    A school can plan its own projects using the solar power case and present these as models for the decision-making processes, for example as illumination for a solar-powered display case or for lighting for the equipment room which is independent of the mains, etc. Besides direct use in the classroom, the solar power case can also be used to show parents, other pupils and visitors at open days and project weeks of the possibilities for using photovoltaics.

    Price start from £1,300 +VAT, fill out the form below to find out more

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