Renewable Energy Skills

As our largest range of courses, our renewable energy technology courses offer teaching in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of three renewable technologies; solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps. These courses are independent and unbiased to any specific manufacturer. As industry leaders we will make sure that you are up to date with all the current standards and most recent legislation. You could expect to learn:

  • How to design PV, solar thermal or heat pump systems to relevant standards and specifications (such as MCS), including design criteria specific to location or any manufacturers
  • How to ensure that the design fits the requirements from the customer and will work to maximum efficiency, giving optimal output
  • The correct installation practices of each different technology; how to install the systems competently, safely and efficiency, to maximise productivity and conform to all the correct standards. You would also learn how to integrate the systems if more than one technology was being installed
  • How to correctly commission the system so that financial payments can be receives and the system can be registered with the relevant bodies
  • The maintenance requirements for each type of technology, and what must be completed to preserve the life of the system and ensure that it is operating optimally

The courses have been brought over from Germany, and teach to the highest international standard. SASIE Training has adapted these courses specifically for the UK market, incorporating all the relevant legislation and standards necessary to give full and thorough teaching. We use specialised training equipment from German manufacturer Christiani to ensure that learners complete our course as competent and exemplary designers and installers of renewable technologies.

Our courses are offered on a day release basis over 30 weeks, however we also run intensive month-long courses when required. Our diploma can be offered as a standalone course, or a learner can take a certificate teaching just the elements specific to each technology.

Our next day release Diploma course will commence in summer 2014; please contact us on for dates of our next intensive course or if you are interested in an exclusive course for your organisation. These courses are aimed at experienced plumbers, electricians or heating engineers, however we would consider learners with any level of prior knowledge, based on their willingness to learn and determination to succeed.

Courses offered:

Level 3 Diploma- Renewable Energy System Skills

Level 3 Certificate- Solar PV Specialist

Level 3 Certificate- Solar Thermal Specialist

Level 3 Certificate- Heat Pump Specialist

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